Dreams Through The Looking Glass – Linda Fargo

On of my best memories of my first trip to New York was going to see the Bergdorf Goodman windows.

I stood there entranced and felt like a small child again looking at the amazing creations before me.

Linda Fargo is the Creative Director for windows at Bergdorf Goodman, back in 2003 she produced the book “Dreams through the looking-glass” which is a portfolio of her window designs.

I was looking through it the other day and was once again amazed at her fantastic creations. This book is a must for anyone who designs shop windows.

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  1. Lucky Bergdorf Goodman have those wonderful shop windows. I visited the store a couple of weeks ago and must say that inside the store the displays bring back memories of trips to House of Fraser/Kendals with my grandmother about 35 years ago – nice being with grandma, but such uninspiring interiors. Of course the merchandise is all wonderful stuff, but it is shown in such a dated manner – not in a traditional/old-world/classy way, just dated. And beige.


    • Hi There
      Thanks for the message, I must agree about the interiors they are always so dull. I think they spend so much time on the windows they do not have enough time or money for the interior. The actual store is beautiful but it lacks the imagination and creativity that is put into the windows.
      Im just back from a trip to Cape town so will be blogging all my findings over the coming weeks.
      Best Regards


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