Bell Jars

Its great to watch a trend emerge and grow and this one certainly has grown, exploded even. We first spotted them in many an antique store and then in magazines, now they are everywhere.

Bell jars have always fascinated me, they conjure up images of yesteryear and old curiosity shops full of stuffed animals.

But that`s all passed and now they have emerged as one of the biggest retail merchandising trends. They are very versatile and are ideal for merchandising many products. They look good in all types of stores and displays.

Bell jars used to be very expensive and the antique ones still are, but you can now purchase replicas at good prices .

Here are a selection of photos showing how various retailers have used them, now get your creative juices flowing and create some stunning displays in your stores or even at home.

Here used to house jewellery

They are perfect for scented candles as they retain the scent.

They are perfect for displaying shoes and fashion accessories

Grouped together they can make a stunning display

Swarovski recently used them for their jewellery exhibition

You don’t just have to merchandise on the inside of them

A great Easter display

Fiona Leahy created a stunning window scheme for Louis Vuitton

If you would like to purchase Bell Jars contact me for a quote

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Tel – 07748 333 919

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