Quirky Book Stores

I had originally planned this blog to be a winge about how boring I have found most book stores that I have visited recently, and to show some quirky book shelves that retailers could use to liven up their displays. But then I thought I had better check out what was happening in the world of Book Store shop design around the world. To my surprise I have found that loads is happening and have pulled together some photos of my favourites for you to have a look at and take inspiration from. Its just such a pity that most of them are not in the UK. So UK Book Shop owners pay head to what is happening out there and dare to be different yourselves.

Shibuya Publishing  Tokyo Japan

Magma shop London by Blustin Heath Design

Vagabond Sweden by Designers Smansk

Sweden-based designers Smansk have completed the interior of a bookshop for travel magazine Vagabond in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea was to bring the outside world into the shop.

V & A Book Shop London

The V & A may not be that quirky but it is sophisticated. They have used the Vitsoe shelving system throughout the store along with contemporary styled tables and plinths. People are encouraged to sit and read on designer chairs.

You are introduced to the store via two huge display windows which do have a quirky display in them.

UdK Bookshop by Designers Dalia Butvidaite, Leonard Steidle, and Johannes Drechsler

Dalia Butvidaite, Leonard Steidle, and Johannes Drechsler won the competition for cardboard installation by creating The UdK Bookshop.

This bookshop was made from 600 corrugated cardboard panels that were cut, folded, perforated, and glued together to form a massive block strong enough for sitting on.

This entire shelving unit can be easily compressed to a tenth of its full length for storage or transportation purposes.

Kids bookshop Bejing

Bookshop Fold Designed by Campaign

V & A Reading Rooms London

The recently opened V & A reading rooms have used the stylish Vitsoe shelving system on the walls.

They have then made good use of the columns by adding small shelves to them. The window has a simple display with faux book wallpaper.

The other attraction to this store is that it has a wine bar in it so you can enjoy your book with a nice glass of wine.


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  1. Let’s hope the new owners of Waterstones take some inspiration from what is happening in mainland
    Europe and move away from their present tired layout. However like very retail venture, knowledgeable
    interested staff make all the difference. The visual impact must be matched by the warmth of the welcome
    as you open the door and enter.


  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Ken.


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