Schiesser Flagship Store by Atelier 522 – Frame Magazine












Schiesser Flagship Store by Atelier 522 – Frame Magazine – The Great Indoors.


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  1. Looks like all the other “box” stores on the high street, just freshly painted and with some ok-looking netting stuck to the logo on the wall. Reminds me a bit of a sportswear store = ok for sportswear, or maybe an outlet centre. To be honest he basement bit looks downright depressing. I really wouldn´t be attracted to buy underwear there. I just asked my 16 year old daughter what she thought and she thought it looked like an outlet store (the boring kind).


  2. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for the comment and I couldn’t agree more im not a fan of white box stores.
    The only redeeming factor for me about this store is the way they have used their logo, I really like the use of the cord to make the logo 3D and I also like the way they have coloured the rails to create a colour spectrum across the floor. Other than that your right soulless and a good reminder of why we need more eclectic looking stores both independent and national chains. Bring on individuality.


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