Shop Opening Signage

Communication with your customers is vitally important, especially telling them when your open and closed and if you have popped out.

There are so many ways to graphically communicate with customers most retailers either use a decal/ window sticker, or printed graphics. But some just stick a bit of handwritten paper in the window which if not beautifully written can look messy and give an uncared for appearance to the store.

I’m making it one of my missions to encourage retailers to do this in a professional way that shows your customers you care and have great ideas.

So here are a selection of signs I have seen recently that hopefully will inspire you to do something similar.

I’ll keep updating the photos as I find new ideas.








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  1. The last OPEN sign was my favorite. Thanks for sharing. This is always a good point to make. I hate driving to a shop thinking it’s open and it turns out they closed 20 minutes before. So frustrating!


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