London News Company – Gatwick Airport North Terminal

W H Smith have unveiled a new look for their airport stores at Gatwick’s North Terminal. They have rebranded the store as London News Company and the bookshop as London Book Company.
The design is bold, simple and less cluttered.
The store has been cut into three distinct areas. The Newsagents to one side, the bookshop to the other side and a large payment area in the middle.
They have chosen a very simple mix of bold colours against a black backdrop.
The signage is kept to a minimum but is very strong which helps you quickly navigate to the area of the shop you want to get to. the font chosen for the logo is typically newsy in style.
They have kept many of their successful features like the honesty payment system for papers, Richard and Judy’s book club and a dedicated area to promote their Kobo e reader.
The fixtures are vertically the same but now in black. They have also used some simple line drawing graphics of key London landmarks on till barriers and focal walls.
Here are a selection of photos of the store.












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  1. Whilst the new branding is nice and clean, the renaming totally threw me. When I came across the first of the two news outlets, I thought to myself: “hmm…I’m sure there is a Smiths at the other end. I’ll go and find that instead”. It was only when I discovered that the other WH Smith was also now called ‘London News Company’s that I relented and went in, and only once I’d paid and found the back of my receipt printed with ‘WH Smith’ that I understood they were one and the same. Not a good move for customers that are already loyal to your brand. At least they could have had some reference to Smiths on the signage – ‘London News Company from/by/brought to you by/formerly WH Smith’.


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