California Retail: Trends and Details « FRCH | Creative Fuel

On a recent journey to the west coast I saw some interesting trends in retail developments and some well thought out details.

The Lab advertises itself as the anti-mall and focuses on flexible outdoor areas for the community, where store spaces blend together and people congregate and socialise. The bricks and mortar stores and restaurants share the environment with several retro teardrop style trailers that have been beautifully restored as rolling pop-up shops. The variety of formats and carefully selected merchandise create a wonderfully organic shopping experience that is filled with surprises.

Click the link below to read the full article and see some other great photos.

California Retail: Trends and Details « FRCH | Creative Fuel.

Thankyou Creative Fuel for another great blog.

Photo Credits: Lab Sign by Idear, Lab Directional by Cathie Hong


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  1. Those look great!I like going to different places with good fit outs. I was a part of a fitness centre with a good gym design and it felt great working out in such a lovely place.


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