Toast – Plaster Larch Feature Wall

I love this new feature wall that has been installed in the Toast store in Westbourne Grove in London’s Notting-hill.

Plaster larch feature wall


The wall has been created using the age old tradition of larching a wall to then plaster it with lime mortar, only Toast thought it looked so good they left it as a feature and their right to do so it looks stunning and is very cost effective.

Here is a close up of the larch wood strips.

Close up of larch wood



They have been very clever by also making a hanging system that simply hooks over the larch wood enabling them to hang clothes, but this could also be used to hang pictures or bust forms etc.

This proves that sometimes its the simplest things that look the best.


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  1. This does look amazing. I recognise the material from when the a part of the plaster ceiling in my old Terrace fell in. Dramatic but looked quite cool!


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