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Photos of recent projects we have undertaken for clients.

Highgrove Shop Tetbury – Spring set up by International Visual

After our successful Christmas store set up for the Highgrove estate store, we were asked back to give the store a layout and merchandising refresh for spring.


Here are a few other photos of the completed store.

We used lots of apple crates to give height on fixtures and for holding large amounts of products under fixtures. They are very versatile and can be used in many ways. If you would like to buy apple crates from us please contact

Highgrove Shop
Address: 10 Long St, Tetbury GL8 8AQ
Hours:  Open · 9:30am–5pm

The Liquorice Tree window design – Edinburgh Airport

If your passing through Edinburgh Airport soon take a look at the new window scheme that International Visual designed for The Liquorice Tree store.

The scheme was installed by EVM.


The scheme was designed to give the store a striking presence in the airport.

The photo used is of The Loch Lomand Tree taken by John Farnan

Hopetoun House Farm Store

International Visual were appointed alongside 442 design agency to design and set up the new Hopetoun Farm Store which is situated on the Hopetoun House Estate in Edingburgh.

In accordance with Lord and Lady Hopetoun`s wishes for a  a clean, modern, light and airy store. A pallet of neutral colours and materials was used including chalky white paints, bleached wood, slate and ceramic tiles,  weather boarded panelling & wicker baskets.

A graphic package was designed to give a clear tone of voice, all the photos used in the graphics were taken on the estate.

Wicker baskets are used throughout the store to support the merchandising of products, these add texture and colour.

Slimline graphics are used above each product area and complimentary visual displays have been added on high level shelves.

Vintage wine cases have been used to create a perimeter shelving system on the weather boarded back wall, fresh herbs and graphics have been used alongside products to create a shoppable display.

This also acts as a strong visual feature to encourage customers to shop the back of the store. This wall will eventually  house their local wine and spirits collection.

Click here to visit their website

Cairnie Fruit Farm

Last year we were invited to help set up the Cairnie Fruit farm store. They are a seasonal fruit farm and shut the store over the winter and then  set it up ready for the new season.

We planed and implemented  the fixture layout and merchandised the products to create strong  displays.

They were 38% up on the same period the year before so we were invited back this year to do the same.

Here are some photos of the store set up and the merchandising.

This is a photo of the farm store from a previous season before we started setting up  and merchandising the store.

This is the seasonal Easter entrance display before and after we merchandised it.

This shows the main area of the store again before and after merchandising

We love using old apple crates, they are so handy to use as fixtures, here we have used them to create a wall unit to house gardening products

More apple crates used alongside garden furniture to create a display leading you out into their garden

These old pieces of furniture were found around the farm, they work really well as a display set to house their fresh eggs and related products.

More old furniture this time being used to create a book and stationery display.

And finally old furniture even looks great with children’s toys on them.

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Black – Electrical Store Birmingham

Dixon’s retail launched their new electrical concept store “BLACK” in Birmingham in December.

International Visual were hired to work alongside the in-house design team to design and implement various display sites around the store.

Dixon’s wanted the store to attract a much wider customer audience, with the emphasis on encouraging female shoppers into the store.

With this in mind we focused on introducing visual display techniques usually found in department stores.

A mannequin display was added into the windows to attract the femail customers attraction.

When entering the store you are not greeted by rows and rows of computers but rather by

choice of two seasonally themed areas. For the launch in December these were aptly named

“Objects of Desire” and Driving Home for Christmas”

The “Objects of Desire” Area had a huge crystal chandelier covering its footprint.

Mannequins were added interacting with the technology.

The back wall had a multi faceted mirror panel feature.

The main feature of the “Driving home for Christmas” area was a reconditioned vintage Fiat 500.

Products in this area were presented in themed stories and merchandised as a department store would.

Visual features were added throughout the store to give customers points of interest and information about technology

Contemporary styled furniture was added to encourage customer to stay and play.

The “know How” area has dedicated expert staff on hand to help and inform you.

Visual merchandising techniques have been used in other areas of the store.

Laptop bags were handled as fashion accessories rather just a commodity product.

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