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We know how to create powerful window displays and will identify how you can improve your window presence

Window Reviews

Find out how you compare to your competitors and identify your strengths and weaknesses
We provide you with proposals for quick wins and help you establish long term window strategies

Window Schemes

We develop long term solutions for window kits and design display schemes with maximum impact

Designing Interior Concepts

Having designed and developed many internal concepts for House of Fraser including the Linea brand we can provide an end to end service from concept to reality

Whether it’s a single fixture or a full brand launch, we can make it happen.

Focal Points

Focal points help customers to navigate the store and signpost product areas. They also provide vital breathing space in the store. We specialise in planning focal space and developing what the focal should be from simple, cost effective solutions to ‘wow factors’


Effective layouts drive densities and maximise sales conversion. Ineffective ones do the reverse. We have years of experience developing layouts from small, high density departments to large, multi-level stores.

Once the basic layout is agreed we can further build on it by plotting fixtures and planning product placement

Visual Merchandising

Good visual merchandising is a combination of art and science – creating a spectacular looking store whilst delivering the right sales densities

We offer ‘hands on’ services and work with your staff to develop their skills

Creative Events

We specialise in running creative events specifically designed to develop creative people.

City Safaris

We accompany you on an exploratory tour of the hot spots in retailing and design creativity. These are a great way to expand personal knowledge and stimulate creative ideas internally.

Creative Workshops

We run a range of workshops specifically designed for creative people.These courses develop professional skills in design management and creative thinking.

Training Programmes

Getting consistent standards across all stores is a constant challenge for retailers.

“Why can’t they see it?” is a common question when visual teams visit stores. Our Retail Standards programme is designed to give retailers at all levels the necessary skills to ‘see it’ and ‘sort it’.

We design bespoke training events for visual and non visual staff, each offering imaginative, memorable ways to achieve your objectives.

Point of Sale

We can help you to develop POS strategies that deliver significant cost savings. How do we know? Because we have done it time and time again!

Point of Sale Review

We can audit one or more stores to evaluate the effectiveness of your collateral

The ensuing report will recommend ‘quick wins’ and long term strategies, including cost saving ideas

Visit our website www.internationalvisual.com

  1. Jackie Clark-Basten

    Had the pleasure of working with Lynda & Phil earlier this year on our village regeneration project. They took on board everything I wanted for my business took those points and offered some simple but effective ideas to re-awaken my salon. The results have been well received but old & new clients alike, well worth the time & effort by International Visual, their easy but professional manner made the whole thing effortless.
    Thanks again Lynda & Phil.
    Jackie & Danny @ hairbyjackie. Sipson Village.


  2. Clear and concise summary of your services , combined with some great
    inspirational images to get those creative juices flowing.


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