Ideas for food merchandising and display – IV on Pinterest

We have created a mood board of great ideas for food stores, so if you want to improve your merchandising and display follow the link below to see inspirational ideas.

Heres a few to wet your appetite


Click here to visit the mood board

6 Retail Trends For 2014 by WBC

A little late but you may get some great tips for your store by watching this video.

This is a 15 minute 2014 Trend Forecast video with Eve Reid, the retail expert from Metamorphosis Group.

Filmed inside WBC’s Prop Shop, Eve runs through key retail trends for 2014: What do customers want? How are they behaving? What trends should you look out for this year? If you missed this year’s Spring Fair, this is a great opportunity to hear from one of the key-note speakers. If you’re a retailer who wants to make huge gains this year, it’s 15 minutes you won’t want to miss.


Hammond’s family butcher goes under the knife | WBC Blog


Several weeks ago, we received a lovely phone call from retail consultant Jules Kane regarding a terrific project she was working on. A project that I just HAD to get involved with.

Frothy cappuccino in hand and three trains later, I made my way to meet Jules along with entrepreneur Dom Ferguson, in the fashionable enclave of Kew Bridge.

The ethos of Dom and Jules’ project was one which WBC fully subscribes to “a celebration of independent producers and a regeneration of our high streets.” What’s not to like about that?

Hammond’s family butcher goes under the knife | WBC Blog.

Graven – Ideas for Bars, restaurants, cafés on Pinterest


Check out this Pinterest folder by Graven, it has some great ideas for Bars, restaurants & Coffee shops.

Bars, restaurants, cafés & nightclubs on Pinterest.

French Flair | Nathalies visual inspirations


Great visual inspiration blog, check it out.

About French Flair

Welcome to French Flair, a blog dedicated to some of my visual inspirations from the world of Art, Design, Fashion and Film which surrounded me as I was growing up in Paris and continue to feed my curiosity now that I live in New York.

French Flair | Nathalies visual inspirations. Puma, London

Love that Puma have been brave enough to paint the outside of their building to make a visual statement. Puma, London.

David Plum & Co. –

Great supplier of vintage themed props.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 14.46.28

David Plum & Co. – Suppliers of vintage display items, props, pub décor, themed bric-a-brac & architectural antiques..

Vintage Retail Display at Modemakers

The impressive new designer fashion store Modemakers has just opened in Bornem, near Antwerp. The ultra-modern, flagship store features ground-breaking visual merchandising, eye-catching window displays and impressive changing room facilities.

To see and read more click the link below

Vintage Retail Display at Modemakers.

The White Company – Summer bedlinen window

Im a sucker for crisp white bedlinen, so i was drawn to this summer linens window that The White Company had put in their Marylebone Hight Street store.

Showing bedlinen in windows is notoriously hard, if you have seen one rolled up duvet you have seen a thousand!

Their window is simple yet effective, layering the bedlinen over poles in a photo shoot style and spotlighting it using a beautiful vintage cinema style lamp.

But what i also like is that they are telling you a story, not a long one but just enough to let you know that their bedlinen is superb quality and that they have attention to detail.

Sometimes its blatantly obvious what a window is trying to do but other times i look and wonder what does this company want me to know, it may be obvious to them but not always to the customer, so think about your windows and what stories you could tell your customers.




Paper Art – 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art | Webdesigner Depot

Check out this fab post by Web Designer Depot, its a list of some of the best paper art designers, together with examples of their work and contact details.

Here are a few examples of the great work on show.

16 19 45 59


Click here to see and read more

Paper Art – 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art | Webdesigner Depot.


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