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Anthropologie USA – Earth Day Windows 2016

We’re pretty big fans of this here planet we call home. That’s why, this Earth Day, our window displays are bringing attention to an important source of renewable energy: wind, a pollution-free power source that stores up electricity and saves on water. Our display director, Erika, transformed the sensory delight of a soft breeze into abstract compositions created from fabric, paper and window screening. “I love the femininity of these displays,” she said. “There are soft and subdued blues, beautiful pleats and undulating shapes. It’s the kind of delicate breeze that causes leaves to flutter, flowers to cling to their petals and water to dance along surfaces.”


Words and photos by Anthropologie

Anthropologie London – Spring windows and nifty interior ideas

Following on from last weeks post showing the USA spring windows, London has followed suit with their interpretation on the sun flowers theme. The Regent St store only has two windows so they have created two huge sunflowers using painted paper and card.


When you go inside the store they have followed the panting theme on using brushes dipped in paint at high level, painted canvases on the walls and have strategically placed painted furniture around the store.

And as usual they have been very creative when it comes to merchandising props, making necklace forms and show displays using wood and metal, showing you don’t have to spend much money to make things look great but you do need some ingenuity.

Anthropologie USA – Spring Windows


It takes just a peek out a frosty window to remind us that winter has, indeed, taken up residency on this side of the equator. But as we burrow under blankets and sip our cocoa, we can’t help but anticipate the warmth and excitement of springtime. That sensation—as nature comes alive and everything begins anew—is at the heart of our latest windows, which feature boundless sunflower fields heralding the warmth of the season ahead. “There’s something so calming about a thousand flowers standing tall, faces to the sun. I thought it would be the perfect way to introduce spring,” said our display director, Erika. Each handcrafted display transforms everyday materials—like painted canvas and chain-linked dowels—into works of art.

Anthropologie Spring Windows 2015

How does color affect you? It has been known to change moods, movements, and even appetites. To tug on emotions and transform what we see as beautiful. Every shade and hue evokes something special, but it’s when you bring them all together—as we’ve done in our new windows—that they truly bend, leap and dance in harmony. We invite you to stop by your local store to behold the spectrum, in all its forms.

Visit their website at

Anthropologie London Richmond

Here are a few photos of how Anthropologie are using found items and upcycling fixtures in their new store in Richmond.

As usual they have been very inventive and have created some great displays and visual features. 

Anthropologie – New Richmond Store London

Anthropologie continue their expansion around the UK with the opening of their new store in Richmond Upon Thames on the outskirts of London.

here are a few snaps of the store.


Anthropologie USA Holiday Windows 2014

Our stores have played host to a menagerie of critters over the years, but none quite so festive as our new feathered friends. And, much like us, they’ve been readying their roosts for all manner of merriment. “Even our tiniest gold finches have grand plans,” says Erika L, our display director and all-around holiday magic-maker. “There are loved ones coming to visit, carols to be sung, and, of course, snuggling together through cold winter storms.” They are busy little (and big!) birdies, indeed, but you can catch them soaring to and fro in all our windows—along with their fantastically decorated holiday nests—as a reminder that this time of year, coming home is as splendid as it gets.


P.S. if you snap a photo of the flock at your local Anthropologie, post and share it on Instagram with the tag #AnthroWindows.


Words and photos by Anthropologie

Anthropologie USA – Earth Day windows 2014

Every April, the windows of our stores become more than a showcase for artful installations—they become a platform for our Earth Day efforts, a means to raise awareness of causes near and dear to our hearts. This year is no different, as we pay tribute to the monarch butterfly, whose annual migration—one of nature’s greatest spectacles—is at risk of disappearing due to vanishing habitats, extreme weather and increased use of herbicides.

In honor of these small but mighty creatures, we’re transforming our storefronts into fluttering exhibits, crafted of paper, fabric, wood, screens and more. “Every window we work on is special, but our Earth Day ones are even more so because they educate,” says our display director Erika S. “The monarchs have such an inspiring story, and that we get to help pass it on through beautiful displays, well that is truly humbling.”

From basic materials to winged wonders, the creative metamorphosis is happening now—stop by your local store over the next two weeks to see the windows being made, but first, here’s a peek at a few already-finished designs.

Click here to visit their website

Words and photos form their website.

Anthropologie USA Spring Windows 2014

What a thrill it would be to soar across the sky, nothing but a basket beneath your feet, way above the marshmallow clouds, marveling at the beauty of the world below. This spring, our store windows take you on that very adventure, as countless hot air balloons, crafted of everyday lightweight materials (think: tissue paper, burlap, canvas, etc) bid the ground adieu and rise up, up and away behind the glass.

Anthropologie UK Christmas windows 2013

From the Field:  Christmas Windows

Anthropologie stores have undergone a magical makeover in time for the festive season with their Christmas window displays now in full swing! Warming shades of scarlet and maroon set the tone for cosy backdrops where glittering party accessories tumble from wooden sleighs and seasonal tabletops are laden with critter candles and piled-high books.


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