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Great Crate Ideas

Here at International Visual we love recycling and up cycling furniture and props to help make businesses look great. We find ourselves using crates on lots of occasions as they are so versatile, whether rustic & old, antique or vintage inspired new ones there are lots of great uses for them in the world of retail and display.

Here are just a few examples of how versatile they are, from being used as risers on tables, creating wall shelving units to hanging them from ceilings to create great visual displays.

See some great  examples of how versatile they are in the gallery below, from being used as risers on tables, creating wall shelving units to hanging them from ceilings to create great visual displays.

Click on each photo for a larger view.


Lynda & Phill


Giant Crates- Fortnum and Mason London

I love the use of the oversized Crates in Fortnum and Masons windows. 

These could also be used really effectively inside a store for merchandising or display. 


Stage Craft – Garden Centre & Farm food store fixtures

La Fromagerie – Marylebone High St – London

Whilst I was wandering down Marylebone High St the other week i happened to look down a side street and noticed a lovely side hanging sign. So off I went to have a look and I found this amazing cheese store called La Fromagerie. This is a hidden gem of as store not just because of the amazing products; but for me because of the way the store has been designed.

Take a look at this selection of photos and then click on the link to their website.

Cairnie Fruit Farm

Last year we were invited to help set up the Cairnie Fruit farm store. They are a seasonal fruit farm and shut the store over the winter and then  set it up ready for the new season.

We planed and implemented  the fixture layout and merchandised the products to create strong  displays.

They were 38% up on the same period the year before so we were invited back this year to do the same.

Here are some photos of the store set up and the merchandising.

This is a photo of the farm store from a previous season before we started setting up  and merchandising the store.

This is the seasonal Easter entrance display before and after we merchandised it.

This shows the main area of the store again before and after merchandising

We love using old apple crates, they are so handy to use as fixtures, here we have used them to create a wall unit to house gardening products

More apple crates used alongside garden furniture to create a display leading you out into their garden

These old pieces of furniture were found around the farm, they work really well as a display set to house their fresh eggs and related products.

More old furniture this time being used to create a book and stationery display.

And finally old furniture even looks great with children’s toys on them.

Click here to be taken their website

Wondrous Crates

As you know we champion recycling, renewing and reinventing on this blog.

One of the most versatile things to use for all three  is the good old crate be it Apple, wine or bottle. Crates come in all shapes, sizes and ages and have been used by retailers for years.

Here are some great examples of what people have done with them.

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