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Bay Harbour Market – Hout Bay -Cape Town 


Bay Harbour market is situated on the water’s edge in the old authentic part of the Hout Bay Harbour and comprises more than 100 stalls in an old fish factory, including external tented alleys and courtyards.

The story of Bay Harbour Market starts with two friends, Paul Rutzen and Anthony Stroebel, and their trip to visit the old fish factory in Hangberg. Say’s Anthony Stroebel, “We discovered the building….and realised that it served as a perfect platform from which to begin to uplift the area, uplift the community…and in the process celebrate the vibrancy and creativity that is so unique to SA, Cape Town and, indeed, Hout Bay”.

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O.Live – Capetown

Walk into and it feels like a magpie has collected all the bits and pieces – all the lovely sparkly and curious things – that have taken its fancy. In fact you might even see a magpie (albeit a very still one), as owner Rupert Smith came back from his recent trip to Europe smitten with taxidermy. The trip so excited him that he had to redesign the shop, which now resembles a Parisian interior. A window dresser, Rupert lives out his creativity in the shop, where he isn’t beholden to a client brief. Once inside the shop it’s hard to leave without something, whether a ball of twine and some scissors, a wooden coat hanger, a circular mirror or a star-shaped candle holder. It all depends on what Rupert has put there for you to discover.

Words: Gill Cullinan Photographs: Henrique Wilding chemistry of living
Shop no 2 Buitenkloof Studios, 8 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town; 021 426 5773

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