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Great Crate Ideas

Here at International Visual we love recycling and up cycling furniture and props to help make businesses look great. We find ourselves using crates on lots of occasions as they are so versatile, whether rustic & old, antique or vintage inspired new ones there are lots of great uses for them in the world of retail and display.

Here are just a few examples of how versatile they are, from being used as risers on tables, creating wall shelving units to hanging them from ceilings to create great visual displays.

See some great  examples of how versatile they are in the gallery below, from being used as risers on tables, creating wall shelving units to hanging them from ceilings to create great visual displays.

Click on each photo for a larger view.


Lynda & Phill



Visual Merchandising Expertise for Farm Food Stores

Here at International Visual we spend our days making shops look good and getting them to perform better. We specialise in giving shops ‘make-overs’. Our input can make a visible difference in a very short timescale and often without the need for expensive shop fitting.


We source and supply any props and kit required and then get to work on improving your shop. We get our sleeves rolled up and physically work with you and your team to make the most of your store.


We have worked closely with several Farm Shops recently to create the right environment and promote their produce in the right way to get those extra sales. The photographs show the results and we take pride that we also get invited back because our ideas work!


Add visual theatre to your perimeter walls that reinforce your key messages and provide information, customers will read these whilst waiting to be served.



Add visual theatre to the exterior of your store by using visual props that make a statement and attract attention.


Use visual propping and related products to enhance a key product story like we have done here with this egg story.











See the gallery below for lots more inspirational photos of our work


If you need to improve your shop environment or know that your Visual Merchandising needs to be improved, get in touch with us.


Lynda & Phill

Lynda Murray 

Managing Director – +44 7741 035 970

Phill Hill

Creative Director – +44 7748 333 919

Wondrous Crates

As you know we champion recycling, renewing and reinventing on this blog.

One of the most versatile things to use for all three  is the good old crate be it Apple, wine or bottle. Crates come in all shapes, sizes and ages and have been used by retailers for years.

Here are some great examples of what people have done with them.

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