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MBMAAN – Model Makers

If anyone of looking for an amazing model making company, check out

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Our production in Poland is a guarantee of quality in the market of decoration products and advertising and decorative spatial objects. We have been in the market for over 16 years and we have always been attaching particular importance to the quality. Our products are made of the best fiberglass materials and you will certainly be satisfied with their quality.

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We specialize in supply of big advertising objects, outdoor adverts and individual projects of all kinds. We run our own art shop of sculptures, models and production moulds which provides us the possibility to make every individual project (starting from a drawing).

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Our range of products includes several hundred items, first of all advertising statues, outdoor advertisements, animal statues (in the Polish market we have the greatest collection of life-size 1:1 scale animal statues in our running production program). Our production line includes: elephants, giraffes, camels, bison’s, European bison’s, horses, cows, ostriches and many other life-size products.

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Agata Mularczyk

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Tel: 48 68 356 13 39

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