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Shutter Art Brixton London

Wandering around Brixton London the other night it was great to see independent stores thinking about how they can improve the look of the high st. Lots of stores there has decorated their shutters turning them into works of art and helping to make the street look interesting and not like a ghetto. I hope more stores do this and turn our streets into living art galleries.


Smirnoff Plasters Sao Paulo With Graffiti That Is Only Visible At Night – PSFK

Smirnoff Plasters Sao Paulo With Graffiti That Is Only Visible At Night – PSFK.

The Cool Hunter – Mike Hewson – Public Installation – New Zealand


The Cool Hunter – Mike Hewson – Public Installation – New Zealand.

Artist Creates Large-Scale Street Art GIFS – PSFK

Usually when we think of GIFs, we think about something on a small scale that is relegated to the web. Many would argue an essential quality of the ‘art form’ is its smile file size, which is considered by some to be a constraint that must be worked within. So, what happens when you make a GIF the size of a building?

Artist and designer INSA has developed a new brand of street art merging the digital art form with graffiti – or what they cleverly call “GIF-ITTI.” The moving images are created by choosing a building surface which they paint over several times, photographing each stage of the process. The stills are then sequenced into a GIF proper bringing the Graffiti to life online. Street art becomes a kind of interventionist animation. These GIFs in particular were done in collaboration with street artist UNGA and the Broken Fingaz Crew.

The GIF is transformed from a discrete object into a new form of art and street documentation as well as a work of art in and of itself. While most often GIFs are made from pre-existing footage or materials what’s most fascinating about these is that the artists intervened in a public, physical space to generate a GIF as the final product. Real space is transformed in service of the digital world.

Click below to see this amazing artwork.

Artist Creates Large-Scale Street Art GIFS – PSFK.

Creative Fuel – Street Art Inspiration


Love this post from Creative Fuel, Nikitas work is amazing and gives new life to old buildings. This is how buildings in run down areas should be brought back to life.

FRCH | Creative Fuel

Those of us who have visual minds find that although we dream in color, there is one fact that is inherently black and white. We are cursed to picture things in our mind that we would rather not – but on the flip-side we are blessed to have the ability to envision a draft-worthy product before we even have the materials ready to sketch. Some visual-minded individuals, like Nikita Nomerz of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, are blessed to see things that do not exist, and have the ability to bring them to life. Nomerz has brilliantly personified a collection of towers, dilapidated buildings, and deteriorating urban spaces by forcing us all to see what he sees.

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Street Art by Pavel Puhov | Colossal

My neighbour and good friend sent me a link to this superb street artist.

Here are a few of my faves.

If you want to see more of his work click the link below.

Street Art by Pavel Puhov | Colossal.

Hoxton Street Art

I was out and about around Hoxton last weekend and came across some fab Street Art.

The Cool Hunter – Why Street Art Matters

Why Street Art Matters

The Cool Hunter has just published a great article on Street Art Click on the link below to read it

The Cool Hunter – Why Street Art Matters.

Aidez Street Art Portabello Market

Saw this the other week at Portabello market. Love the bright primary colours.

Street Art on and around Redchurch St

Redchurch Street and the surrounding area in Shorditch, was once just a grotty place  but no more.

It’s now a trendy hotspot where you can find the fabulous Boundary hotel  and many boutique stores.

But it still has its edgy side and although the stores may look trendy and stylish, the street artists are still adorning walls with their design offerings.

Here are a selection of photos of some of the best I found whilst shopping there this week.

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