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Hoarding graphics – Gatwick Airport North Treminal

There are a lot of changes happening at Gatwick Airports North Terminal and whilst all of the work is going on its great to see them being a bit imaginative with the hoarding graphics.


They are even building a gin distillery at the airport, i love the use of fonts on this hoarding.


Canva – low cost easy graphic design app

Easily create beautiful designs + documents using Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.

This design app is a must for any independent business wanting a low cost solution to create amazing graphics.

Source: About Canva

Trendy Cash Points

I love the graphics that have been used to make this cash point area stand out, its a bit of fun and brightens up the high street.


If you want to see it in person head down to the end of Carnaby Street in London.

Design showcase: Instant Print in London – Retail Design World

Love the graphics used in this store

Click the link below to see the full story with interior photos

Source: Design showcase: Instant Print in London – Retail Design World

Window Graphic

Love this window graphic i saw in a delicatessen in Barcelona

This style of graphic would also be great for a news agents or grocery store.


Paperchase Autumn displays

Paperchase’s flagship store on  Tottenham Court Road was looking rather lovely last week, they have two simple but effective window schemes using butterflies and owls which never seem to go out of fashion in the stationery world.

They had also created a great display as you entered the store showing all the related products from the windows.


Type Mural + Video on Behance

The visual story of the creative process that goes into creating a mural. Made over two days, Ben Johnston designs a custom lettered design & painted mural for Project Owl, a co-working space in Toronto.
The mural embodies what start-up life is all about–some people just want to “drink coffee, create stuff & sleep”.
The video was


To see the fully story and video click the link below

Type Mural + Video on Behance.

Directed by: PJ Lee
Shot by: Jason Rodricks, PJ Lee & Evan Bellam
Edited by: PJ Lee, Evan Bellam, & Dan Wallace
Companies: Asterisk Media & Pure Percent

Paper Art – 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art | Webdesigner Depot

Check out this fab post by Web Designer Depot, its a list of some of the best paper art designers, together with examples of their work and contact details.

Here are a few examples of the great work on show.

16 19 45 59


Click here to see and read more

Paper Art – 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art | Webdesigner Depot.

Anthropologie – London – Regent St – Jeans ideas



As usual  when it comes to visual inspiration Anthropologie dosnt disappoint.

We popped in last week to see what they were up to and the store was packed full of visual theatre and great ideas and we will be bringing you some of our favourites over the next few posts.

Firstly on the second floor they have created a jeans area, the introduction to which has a voluminous cotton ceiling feature.


Then using existing fixture they had hung the jeans and above attached dip dyed cotton paper with each brand and style printed on it.





Lastly on the tables they had simply uses lumps of pine with again with the brand and style printed on tracing paper and nailed to the block.





Terrain Westport Cafe

This is the Westport Cafe based in Anthropologies garden centre called Terrain, in true Anthro style every detail has been suitably curated to tie in with the vintage look of the garden centre. its details that count and this cafe is packed with them take a closer look at the gallery below.

Visit the website here

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