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JLP Cushion Sculpture

You can always rely on John Lewis  to create some great homwares visual features using products.


This huge cushion wheel is featured in their flagship store atrium on Oxford St in London. 


JLP Christmas advert 2014 – Monty the penguin

John Lewis 150th anniversary advert

Love the new John Lewis 150th anniversary advert, so simple and yet so clever.


John Lewis – Communicating with customers

John Lewis are masters at communicating with their customers, from tv adverts that pull on your heart strings, to their simple and to the point strap line of “Never knowingly undersold” and they are at their strongest when inside their own stores.

They use every opportunity to tell you about their products and services, they keep it simple and to the point telling you enough to wet your appetite  or inform you but very rarely confusing you with jargon.

Here are a selection of different ways they do this, for more just google them for lots of other great examples.



JLP Home Store Purley Way Croydon (8)

jlp oxford st august 2011 (3)

jlp oxford st march 2011 (4)

jlp oxford st march 2011 (5)

jlp oxford st march 2011 (40)

jlp oxford st march 2011 (50)

JLP sloan sq (2)

uk london oxford st jlp pos



John Lewis – Using display plinths


Display plinths have been used for many years, they are such a simple but useful idea, they can be made from MDF or plywood and then painted, wallpapered, decoupaged etc.

You can make them in any shape or size that suits your needs, and use them to display almost anything, in the following photos they have been used in John Lewis in home wares and mens accessories.








John Lewis – Cardiff

I was back home in Wales the other week and popped to Cardiff and went into John Lewis and was very impressed with their store and as a happy snapper took lots of photos, so this week is John Lewis week and I’m starting off with these amazing jelly fish created to showcase their fabrics and ribbons.

Lots of people say they are a boring store but i beg to differ they are very creative and their standards are second to none as you will see as the weeks blogs unfold.



John Lewis – Chairs window scheme – Oxford St – London

I’m beginning to see chairs used in lots of shop windows. Recently Levi’s created a colourful scheme, now John Lewis have created a monochrome scheme using chairs in many different ways.
Who’s going to be next?



John Lewis – Reborn

Just popped into JLP on Oxford St and am loving their new Retro Reborn product launch, great windows, great mini store and great products.




I love the use of bright colours, it really makes bold statement and shows off the products.




These packing cases made from MDF are a really great way to

utilise the floor space and could be turned over and used to

merchandise on.


The back wall bays have been covered in weather baording,

which has a rough rustic effect.


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