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Zara Home windows – London Regent St

I really like the simplicity of the new Zara windows on Regent St, the blue and white wallpaper with its very intricate design really catches your eye, but initially over powers the product but does drawer you in to take a closer look, then you see the simplicity of the dressing.


I like the way the wallpaper has been brought down onto the floor it helps to add depth to the windows.


Their windows can be quite tricky as the building is on a slope so the windows get higher as you walk past them, but they have added in a mirror which many of us will have seen in shops used for security, but here it allows you to see the bed dressing. What a simple and great idea.



Anthropologie London Richmond

Here are a few photos of how Anthropologie are using found items and upcycling fixtures in their new store in Richmond.

As usual they have been very inventive and have created some great displays and visual features. 

Selfridges Christmas windows 20104 – Destination Christmas

Once upon a time there was a shop named Selfridges, with the most enchanted windows in the land… see our Oxford Street windows first, as we welcome you to #DestinationChristmas


Paperchase – Christmas shop – London

Here are a selection of photos of the Christmas shop in the Paperchase  store on Tottenham Court Road in London.



Aesop Marylebone High Street London





Aesop have opened in Marylebone High Street in London with a simple and inventive interior and window scheme.



I love the simple wooden ladder system they have used both for shopfitting and in the window, it really is simple but very effective and ajustable. It lets the product be the hero.


I also like the way the interact with and entice the customer in by putting a sample bottle of their various hand lotions in a dispenser on the door frame.IMG_0555

The first thing that greets you on entering the store is an amazing array of fresh flowers which look and smell fabulous, its lovely to see a retailer doing this rather than instantly hitting you with special offers or buy me messages.IMG_0556

As usual their team members are very friendly and have superb product knowledge.

For more information visit their website by clicking here

West Elm – New London Flagship store


From our hometown of Brooklyn, New York to our neighborhood store in London, we think feeling truly at home means connecting with the community. We believe in making things that matter, so we collaborate with independent designers and craft communities, and we strive to design products that make a positive impact on people and the environment. We also believe that nothing adds personality like you, so we design authentic, approachable, affordable pieces for you to use in whatever way you like. Your home is your story. Let us help you tell it. WE LOVE THE WAY YOU LIVE.

Heals – Fabric window display


Carnaby Street 3D Union Jack Flag



Loving the new Union Jack instillation on Carnaby Street, London.






Anthropologie UK Christmas windows 2013

From the Field:  Christmas Windows

Anthropologie stores have undergone a magical makeover in time for the festive season with their Christmas window displays now in full swing! Warming shades of scarlet and maroon set the tone for cosy backdrops where glittering party accessories tumble from wooden sleighs and seasonal tabletops are laden with critter candles and piled-high books.


Harrods Christmas windows 2013

Harrods  are delighted to present their world-famous Christmas Windows, revealing this year’s unique, magical and creative theme, The Harrods Christmas Express.

Inspired by the iconic British steam train, each window brings to life one of their departments depicted as a scene from one of the carriages.

They hope their windows fill you with festive spirit, come and jump aboard.

Video by Alex Verner

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