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Aesop Marylebone High Street London





Aesop have opened in Marylebone High Street in London with a simple and inventive interior and window scheme.



I love the simple wooden ladder system they have used both for shopfitting and in the window, it really is simple but very effective and ajustable. It lets the product be the hero.


I also like the way the interact with and entice the customer in by putting a sample bottle of their various hand lotions in a dispenser on the door frame.IMG_0555

The first thing that greets you on entering the store is an amazing array of fresh flowers which look and smell fabulous, its lovely to see a retailer doing this rather than instantly hitting you with special offers or buy me messages.IMG_0556

As usual their team members are very friendly and have superb product knowledge.

For more information visit their website by clicking here

Rag and Bone, Los Angeles – by greige



Yesterday while I was in LA I had a chance to visit the Rag and Bone store on Melrose… I love a well done shop!   Rag and Bone is set up in an older building with access from the front as well as either end.  The doors were fantastic and they added just enough industrial detail to the exterior to make, what I am assuming was a pretty odd building, look really cool.  (Glass block is not usually on my approved materials list but it works here).  All of the industrial furnishings were mixed with their logos and labels that made them part of the brand itself and I loved the mix of vintage and classic lighting.



Rag and Bone, Los Angeles
Women’s and Men’s
8533 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(424) 245-4816
Store Hours:
10am-8pm Mon – Sat.
12pm-7pm Sun
images by christina for greige

greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home : {shop design} Rag and Bone, Los Angeles.

Hanging signage

Love this hanging signage on a store in Shorditch, back in the good old days or retailing every store would have a 3d hanging sign made to represent what the store or business was selling.

Bring the good old days of retailing back i say.


Type shop signage

Shorditch Junk

Two things i love about this junk shop apart from the junk that is.

1 – love the font used for their signage

2 – love the way they have created a picture frame around their window

The rest needs attention!!!!


Shoreditch Junk

Tattoo store, Cheshire street, Shorditch.

Love the typography on this shop front.


Shutter Art Brixton London

Wandering around Brixton London the other night it was great to see independent stores thinking about how they can improve the look of the high st. Lots of stores there has decorated their shutters turning them into works of art and helping to make the street look interesting and not like a ghetto. I hope more stores do this and turn our streets into living art galleries.


Olympic high st gets a makeover

Click the link below to read an interesting article about how a height st near the Olympic village has had a makeover for the games.

Olympic High St gets a makeover

Temperley – Painting the Union Jack

Alice Temperley has a beautiful store/ Showroom hidden away in a mews in Notting hill.

She has dared to be different by painting the outside of her store with a huge Union Jack flag, the result is stunning.

Here is video showing you how they did it.

Daring to be different.

I love it when retailers dare to be different, especially when they do something different to the outside of their stores.

The store front is the first thing a customer sees so its the perfect place to make a statement and get noticed.

Here are a selection of stores that do just that, even if its only in a small way.

Jo Malone



This is their store in Carnaby St, the team at Diesel change this store every few months including the outside.

Few and Far

Few and Far owned by Priscilla Carluccio, love brining the inside out.


Selfridge s take advantage of their amazing canopy, this time for their Brazil promotion


Alice Temperley`s amazing Union Jack painted store front which is in Notting Hill


Even small independents are brining the inside out, this ones in Leamington Spa


These lovely ladies decided to mark the opening of their store with a good clean up, a great way to attract attention


Jigsaw don’t normally decorate the front of all their stores but the one in Westbourne Grove is special and boy do they go for it.

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