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Electric Sign Workshop | Vintage style signage, custom neon signs


ESW was founded in December 2013,  inspired by our shared passion for vintage sign art and typography, classic materials and techniques from an age when things were built to last.

All our pieces are designed, built and finished by us, in our Surrey workshop. We believe that attention to detail and historic touches make the difference, whether it’s a small neon sign for a home barbeque area or a giant lighting feature for a west end store.

We welcome commissioned work, so please get in touch to talk about your project.

Matt & Jerlyn

To visit their website click here


Shorditch Junk

Two things i love about this junk shop apart from the junk that is.

1 – love the font used for their signage

2 – love the way they have created a picture frame around their window

The rest needs attention!!!!


Shoreditch Junk

Tattoo store, Cheshire street, Shorditch.

Love the typography on this shop front.


Olympic high st gets a makeover

Click the link below to read an interesting article about how a height st near the Olympic village has had a makeover for the games.

Olympic High St gets a makeover

Signage Around Town: Over The Rhine Edition « FRCH | Creative Fuel

Heres another great post by Creative Fuel, This time its a  historical tour of the city through the spectrum of hand-painted signage and advertising. They explore one of our most storied and culturally rich neighborhoods, Over The Rhine, located just north of downtown Cincinnati.

Click the link below to see the full article.

Signage Around Town: Over The Rhine Edition « FRCH | Creative Fuel.

Thanks Creative Fuel.

Vintage Signs & Shop Letters

Have just found this great blog on WordPress which is dedicated to old shop signs & letters.

Here are a few pics to wet your appetite, the blog link is listed at the end.

To read this blog and see more amazing signs click the link below.

Vintage Signs & Shop Letters.

Shop Opening Signage

Communication with your customers is vitally important, especially telling them when your open and closed and if you have popped out.

There are so many ways to graphically communicate with customers most retailers either use a decal/ window sticker, or printed graphics. But some just stick a bit of handwritten paper in the window which if not beautifully written can look messy and give an uncared for appearance to the store.

I’m making it one of my missions to encourage retailers to do this in a professional way that shows your customers you care and have great ideas.

So here are a selection of signs I have seen recently that hopefully will inspire you to do something similar.

I’ll keep updating the photos as I find new ideas.







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