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Ted Baker window Heathrow T5 –

Ted baker has always had a quirky way of communication with its customers, a little bit english eccentric and always with a touch of humour.

This summer scheme i saw at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 store is no exception, to me it looks like its a modern spin on the traditional British seaside summer holiday postcards of the 1950s & 60s , but no bawdy seaside humour just Tedisums.




Liberty – New fabric Windows 2016

Liberty have launched a new range of fabrics with inspiration coming from the historical world of miniature interiors, they have called it the Chesham Cabinet Collection.

They always have a challenge on their hands as their windows are very low height wise but they have managed to create some really interesting and inspirational schemes in them.

I especially love the cabinet they have used with room settings inside all the spaces.


Zara Home windows – London Regent St

I really like the simplicity of the new Zara windows on Regent St, the blue and white wallpaper with its very intricate design really catches your eye, but initially over powers the product but does drawer you in to take a closer look, then you see the simplicity of the dressing.


I like the way the wallpaper has been brought down onto the floor it helps to add depth to the windows.


Their windows can be quite tricky as the building is on a slope so the windows get higher as you walk past them, but they have added in a mirror which many of us will have seen in shops used for security, but here it allows you to see the bed dressing. What a simple and great idea.



Anthropologie London – Spring windows and nifty interior ideas

Following on from last weeks post showing the USA spring windows, London has followed suit with their interpretation on the sun flowers theme. The Regent St store only has two windows so they have created two huge sunflowers using painted paper and card.


When you go inside the store they have followed the panting theme on using brushes dipped in paint at high level, painted canvases on the walls and have strategically placed painted furniture around the store.

And as usual they have been very creative when it comes to merchandising props, making necklace forms and show displays using wood and metal, showing you don’t have to spend much money to make things look great but you do need some ingenuity.

The Liquorice Tree window design – Edinburgh Airport

If your passing through Edinburgh Airport soon take a look at the new window scheme that International Visual designed for The Liquorice Tree store.

The scheme was installed by EVM.


The scheme was designed to give the store a striking presence in the airport.

The photo used is of The Loch Lomand Tree taken by John Farnan

Valentine shop window inspiration….

Lip Print – Scatter Kit – one of many Valentine designs – choose a kit, choose the colour and we make and send it to you.

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Source: Valentine shop window inspiration….

Apple watch windows Selfridges London









Harrods – Steeling Beauty Windows

George Bernard Shaw once said that there is no sincerer love than the love of food. What better way to celebrate Harrods love of food than with a Food Halls takeover of our Hans Crescent windows…

Throughout this month, feast your eyes on exotic creatures pilfering a selection of fine goods.



Visit their website at

Louis Vuitton – Heathrow Terminal 5

The Heathrow Terminal 5 shopping area has been undergoing some major changes over the last few months, one of the first new stores to open is Louis Vuitton which is the anchor store at the luxury end of the shopping area.


The first thing you see is this huge LED screen which has some amazing graphics playing on it.

Here are a selection of other pics of the new store.

Smythson – Aeroplane window scheme – Heathrow T5

Love this window scheme made up from using Smythson products.





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