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Jo Malone – New interior design

Nice to see the Jo Malone shopfit design moving on, even if only slightly.


I like the introduction of real plant/flowers installations, loving this huge stone trough.


The simple use of colour is very effective.


Flooring trends 2016 – Solid Floor Company

When it comes to trends in flooring we are definitely talking more evolution than revolution. A timber floor should after all last you a life time and a carpet or rug can serve for many, many years if looked after properly. Nonetheless flooring, being the foundation of any design scheme, needs to feel fresh, current and in keeping with the concept proposed.

At Solid Floor we have always taken great pride in having our finger on the pulse of the dynamic world of interior design and are always game to enable architects and designers to realise their clients’ dreams and ambitions. Therefore we would like to share with you our predictions for the future, as flooring is far from boring.

Read up on what is cutting-edge and happening now in flooring.

Source: Flooring trends 2016

Anthropologie Richmond – New Store

Hello, Richmond! We’ve arrived in the heart of beautiful Richmond upon Thames today, with the opening of our sixth UK store! Nestled inside a listed building in the centre of town, we think our carefully curated wares complement our backdrop of historic architecture and botanical parks perfectly.

Photos & Words by Anthropologie

Hammond’s family butcher goes under the knife | WBC Blog


Several weeks ago, we received a lovely phone call from retail consultant Jules Kane regarding a terrific project she was working on. A project that I just HAD to get involved with.

Frothy cappuccino in hand and three trains later, I made my way to meet Jules along with entrepreneur Dom Ferguson, in the fashionable enclave of Kew Bridge.

The ethos of Dom and Jules’ project was one which WBC fully subscribes to “a celebration of independent producers and a regeneration of our high streets.” What’s not to like about that?

Hammond’s family butcher goes under the knife | WBC Blog.

Dolce & Gabbana windows Bond Street London






Whats in-store for Retail Design in 2014? | H Squared

The end of January sales is the time when stores consider their retail design for the New Year ahead. Once all of the seasonal displays have been cleared away and the new stock has arrived, retailers have the chance to maintain their good reputation with their customers and prove they are up to date with what the public want to see. Changing retail design frequently keeps the store fresh and exciting to customers. Read on as we take a look at some of the emerging trends in retail design and predict the future of the high street.

The Industrial Look

The industrial look for retail design has been prominent throughout London for the last year. This year, we expect to see more of this raw, unfinished aesthetic outside of the capital and on the high street. Characterised by exposed steel beams and concrete pillars, this ‘undone’ look can transform your store from a generic high street shop to a sleek urban space. Without and brightly coloured plastic and lots of MDF, your store’s merchandise really stands out. The key is to aim for a downtown Brooklyn loft rather than an abandoned warehouse. This back to basics idea is an affordable option rather than buying expensive new shop fittings, the existing ones can be stripped away for an authentic industrial look.

Interactive Retail Technology

Since the Smartphone has increased in popularity, there has been a significant rise in the number of apps available to make shopping a more enjoyable, personalised experience. Retailers heave realised that if they can connect with their potential customers individually, they are able to build a trusting bond with them quickly, likely to result in those all-important sales. Smartphone apps that allow customers to choose their preferences mean they only shown products they are interested in and will have no trouble finding what they want to buy. If it is too difficult to find an item in store, there is the threat that the customer will be lost to the competition. By providing customers with a tool to share promotions and offers, retailers can give an incentive for members of the public to choose to shop with them.

Online Retailers Move Onto the High Street

In recent years, there has been a constant battle between the high street and online stores. While many people swear by real, physical shops there are others who have discovered the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own home. That being said, retailers who solely sell online have realised they are missing out on a wealth of potential customers and have made the move onto the high street to attract the masses. Temporary shopping solutions such as pop-up shops in busy areas allow online retailers to connect with members of the public who may not have previously known about them, therefore attracting a whole new base of interested customers. During such events, businesses have the opportunity to convince this new group of customers to shop online from them in future. We expect 2014 will see a rise in the number of online retailers on the high street this year. If you are an online retailer, consider venturing onto the high street this year to attract an array of new customers who may not know you exist!

As is the case every year, there are lots of new emerging trends in retail design. It seems the future of the high street is set to be more digital than ever! H Squared are an award winning retail design agency and specialists in digital retail design and interactive touch screen displays. We understand the constant changes in the retail world and what customers want from your store. Get in touch with us today and we can help transform your business into a store of the future.

Rag and Bone, Los Angeles – by greige



Yesterday while I was in LA I had a chance to visit the Rag and Bone store on Melrose… I love a well done shop!   Rag and Bone is set up in an older building with access from the front as well as either end.  The doors were fantastic and they added just enough industrial detail to the exterior to make, what I am assuming was a pretty odd building, look really cool.  (Glass block is not usually on my approved materials list but it works here).  All of the industrial furnishings were mixed with their logos and labels that made them part of the brand itself and I loved the mix of vintage and classic lighting.



Rag and Bone, Los Angeles
Women’s and Men’s
8533 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(424) 245-4816
Store Hours:
10am-8pm Mon – Sat.
12pm-7pm Sun
images by christina for greige

greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home : {shop design} Rag and Bone, Los Angeles.

Junk Deluxe – the whole spectrum of affordable modern design, from the modernist 1930’s to the exuberant 1980’s.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.54.43

Based in Margate, Kent, Junk Deluxe focuses on affordable modern design. Specialising in furniture and lighting, they stock items from the modernist 1930’s, right up to the exuberant, quality conscious 1980s, and anywhere excellent in between

Junk Deluxe is deeply hidden within another shop, on a residential street, so it’s best to come prepared with a map. Upon finding the shop, customers are usually surprised to discover a shop not filled with the usual mid century design clichés, but an array of unique and novel items that they have probably never seen before, and are unlikely to see again.

Benjamin and Hayley spend long hours sourcing their diverse items from far and wide, taking regular buying trips to scour the Continental lowlands, especially Belgium, Germany, and Holland. They also purchase stock from a variety of sources in the UK such as schools, churches, hospitals, and engineering plants. They work hard to stay ahead of trends, meaning they can satisfy all of your vintage whims at the best possible price.

Junk Deluxe – the whole spectrum of affordable modern design, from the modernist 1930’s to the exuberant 1980’s..

Great point of sale idea



Lynda and I were out and about last week hunting for ideas and came across this fab menu in a pub on London’s south bank. What they have done is to use a gift paper holder which would normally be fixed to a desk or a wall to pull brown paper or gift wrap from to wrap up parcels, but instead they have fixed it to the ceiling and have written the pubs daily specials onto it, and the next day they just rip off yesterdays and start again, what a simple fab idea, this could be used in lots of ways, how will you use it?


Hubbard’s Cupboard shop front – Cardiff

Love this shopfront for a great little vintage store in the Castle Arcade in Cardiff, the owner has added so many nice little features that helps it stand out from other stores by giving it a personal hand-made feel which compliments the vintage products its selling.

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