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The Cool Hunter – Mike Hewson – Public Installation – New Zealand


The Cool Hunter – Mike Hewson – Public Installation – New Zealand.

The Cool Hunter – Restaurant Farma Kreaton – Komotini, Greece

Restaurant Farma Kreaton (Meat Farm in Greek)is the recently opened addition to the well publicized Fabrica Kreaton restaurantlocated in the center of the city of Komotini, (Adrianoupoleos 4) in northeastern Greece.

The architecture and interior design of both spaces are by Minas Kosmidis (Μηνάς Κοσμίδης) with offices in Thessaloniki and Komotini.

In the case of Farma Kreaton, graphic designer Yiannis Tokalatsidis created the minimalist, hand-drawn graphics and cut-outs of cows, chickens and the scenery of the countryside that set the whimsical barn-yard chic tone to the entire space.

The 270 square-meter (almost 3,000 square- feet), 150 seat new restaurant is in essence an additional open-concept eating area to the existing Fabrica Kreaton that, in turn, is themed around a Greek butcher shop. Both are housed in a renovated 1950s farm house with a large yard.

In Farma Kreaton, in addition to the graphic components, we were attracted to the lovely, white-painted wood floors and the overall feel of a temporary barn-raising supper.

The simple plank tables, the mismatched, unpretentious chairs, the humble potted plants and herbs on the tables, all exude a feel of a space dedicated — just for the moment — to sumptuous eating and enjoyment of good company.

The hay bales, pick forks, watering cans and cut-out animals remind the diners of the work done and to-be done on the farm, the dinner beings just a moment of celebration — perhaps of a good hay harvest or a successful calving.

In short, Minas Kosmidis and his team have managed to create a believable semblance of a working farm without going overboard and ending up with a contrived, pretentious “concept” instead.

The food at Farma Kreaton is typical Greek meat-based plates, and the diners are predominantly locals. Tuija Seipell.

The Cool Hunter – Restaurant Farma Kreaton – Komotini, Greece.

The Cool Hunter – Haberdash Store, Stockholm – Sweden

Mats Sjöqvist together with brothers Mårten and Olle Eriksson-Mårtens attracted a solid following of well-dressed men to their first menswear boutique, Herrekipering (haberdasher in Swedish), on Kocksgatan 17 in Stockholm’s Södermalm district.

Earlier this year, they expanded the business by opening their second and much bigger store, Haberdash, on Upplandsgatan 50, in the Vasastan area of Stockholm. In the process, they renamed the first shop Haberdash as well.

We love the functional, minimalist interior of the new boutique, completed by Stockholm’s Form Us With Love (FUWL).

The materials and details of the store design speak the same language as the brands represented in the store, the language of timeless style, long-term value, functionality, quality and artisanship.

The underlying goal of all of the displays is to allow the customer to see and examine each item completely. So FUWL created a stylized, minimalist craftsman’s studio, with the items displayed on magnified pegboards, simple workbench-like counters and basic square shelving.

Materials, such as Silestone Quartz, Kährs ash and Tärnsjö Tannery leather are used for displays and surfaces. The “bare-bulb” pendant lighting is FUWL’s own Form for Design House Stockholm.

The esteemed brands sold at Haberdash include the French Armor Lux sailor sweaters made famous by Pablo Picasso, Brooks bicycle saddles and accessories from the UK, and Grundén raingear from Sweden.

FUWL is a multi-discipline design house established in 2005 by fellow students of product design at Småland’s Kalmar University, John Löfgren, Jonas Pettersson and Petrus Palmén. – Tuija Seipell

The Cool Hunter – Haberdash Store, Stockholm – Sweden.

The Rise of The Designer Bakery – The Cool Hunter

Click the link below to read a great article by The Cool Hunter about the rise of the designer bakery.

It makes a very interesting read and is packed full of great photos.

The Cool Hunter – The Rise of The Designer Bakery.

Thanks Cool Hunter for another great post.

Cate Parr – Fashion Illustrator – The Cool Hunter

Love Love Love these painting by Cate Parr the colours the style are just scrumptious.

Thank you cool hunter

The Cool Hunter – Cate Parr – Fashion Illustrator.

Gabriel Moreno illustrations Attracting Attention

Madrid-based illustrator, engraver and painter Gabriel Moreno is attracting attention with his great illustrations. His latest work with the Jüng von Matt/Limmatt agency in Zurich for the 80-year-old Swiss shoe brand Vögele plays a fun visual trick.

Gabriel Moreno illustrations

Gabriel Moreno illustrations

You need two takes to figure out that you are looking at an illustration with real feet/legs and real shoes.  Somehow the eye fights this reality, trying to convince you that it is all the same; either all illustration or all “real.” A perfect example of a creative idea that has not yet been overused and therefore it delights and surprises. Which is what we want. – Tuija Seipell

Courtesy of The Cool Hunter

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