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Gypsy – Sibella Court

I’m really looking forward to the new design book by Sibella Court.

Gypsy Sibela Court

In Gypsy, acclaimed stylist and author Sibella Court demonstrates how to bring your travels home in the most unexpected of ways. A globetrotter and treasure hunter herself, Sibella crosses the globe, traversing the varied landscapes of Ecuador, Scotland, Transylvania, Turkey and Indochine, discovering and collecting original styling inspiration which she can translate into her interior spaces. Sibella guides us through her journeys abroad: the people she meets, the sights she sees, the food and wine she tastes, the places she stays in and the things she buys. These experiences become stories reflected in interior spaces – through a room, setting, vista or placement. Her scrapbook of photographs, interior spaces, collections, mementos and colour palettes will excite you to style your space and your life to reflect the inspiration you find in those far away places – even the smallest incidental that makes you smile and takes you to another place is what Sibella’s styling is all about.

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Bowerbird Book by Sibella Court

Sibella Court, bestselling author of Etcetera, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC and Nomad, has always been a bowerbird. This was first noticed when, at the age of three, she put together collections of shells, sequins, beads and ribbons. Like her avian counterpart, she goes far and wide to add to her collections, enjoys arranging and rearranging the pieces and, ultimately, believes that collections, containing the memories they do, are a vital part of any home.

In Bowerbird, Sibella reveals her very personal and surprising approach to collecting and collections. She shows how to procure the elements of a collection, how to organise and store them, and how to display them in creative and ever-changing ways. With the help of Bowerbird, you will view your belongings in a whole new light.

Pre-order Bowerbird here! Bowerbird is launching worldwide in October. All books ordered from The Society inc. will be signed and stamped by Sibella.

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Nomad by Sibella Court

The amazing Sibella Court the creator of the Society Inc Store and Website and author of  ETC and A Stylists Guide to NYC is releasing a new book.

This book promises to be a feast of global inspiration, I cant wait to get my hands on a copy.

Sibella chats about her new book

In my latest book ‘Nomad’, I have created a beautiful photographic collection of travel shots & styled spaces to show how to bring your travels home in the most unexpected of ways. It will sit comfortably beside ‘Etcetera’ and is brimming with decorating tips and inspiring pictures. I globetrot-ed and treasure hunted to Syria, Mexico, Italy, India and Japan. I was influence by everything from door knobs and street signs to roadside shrines and household brooms- many things that often go unnoticed. I use the ideas, photographs and mementos from my travels to inspire room settings in stunning private residences through simple, practical and surprising ways showing that any decorative background can be restyled with travel touches. My philosophy is about adding and subtracting, rearranging and recycling, transforming and rethinking a space to reflect your personality, lifestyle and adventures. Make it organic & sustainable! You do not have to recreate your entire interior for that special reminder of your trip. ‘Nomad’ will help open your eyes to what’s around you and fuel your imagination long after the suitcase is unpacked. Plus there’s a reference list in the back of all my fav shops, books and hotels that I found & used along the way!

Take a look at a video Sibella made whilst touring Japan

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The Stylists Guide to NYC – Sibella Court

Sibella Court owner of The Society Inc store in Sydney and international stylist, is just about to publish a new book.

This time she has produced a guide to NYC specifically aimed at stylists.

pre-order your copy of “The Stylists Guide to NYC” here

The Society Inc

This is the front page of the amazing Society Inc website owned by Sibella Court they sell textiles, home goods and rent out props and their shop space.

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