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Great Crate Ideas

Here at International Visual we love recycling and up cycling furniture and props to help make businesses look great. We find ourselves using crates on lots of occasions as they are so versatile, whether rustic & old, antique or vintage inspired new ones there are lots of great uses for them in the world of retail and display.

Here are just a few examples of how versatile they are, from being used as risers on tables, creating wall shelving units to hanging them from ceilings to create great visual displays.

See some great  examples of how versatile they are in the gallery below, from being used as risers on tables, creating wall shelving units to hanging them from ceilings to create great visual displays.

Click on each photo for a larger view.


Lynda & Phill


Haas Collective – Coffee Shop – Cape Town

Haas is a creative collective which just happens to also have a fabulous coffee shop on the ground floor of their building.

It not only seems coffee but is a showcase for some of their designers work which can also be bought.

The interior design is on trend with a mix of upcylced furniture in a pared back building with hints of retro and steam punk all rolled into one.



The haas collective,
19 Buitenkant St
Cape Town
South Africa

Anthropologie London Richmond

Here are a few photos of how Anthropologie are using found items and upcycling fixtures in their new store in Richmond.

As usual they have been very inventive and have created some great displays and visual features. 

Upcycled & Vintage shop fixture ideas – By Andy Thornton




Loving all these fabulous upcycled and Urban vintage fixtures ideas from Andy Thornton.

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For more ideas and to see their amazing collection of products click the link below

French By Design: Mix | Minimalist Clothing Racks

Love this post by French By Design, great ideas for simple clothing rails that can be used in fashion stores or your own dressing room.

To see more ideas click the link to their blog below

French By Design: Mix | Minimalist Clothing Racks.

L K Bennett – Chair window


Upside down furniture visual feature



My business partner was out and about in Scotland and came across this amazing little charity store in a small town with big vm ideas.

They have turned their visual world uprise down and have put the furniture on the walls and ceilings.

What do you think?


photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Junk Deluxe – the whole spectrum of affordable modern design, from the modernist 1930’s to the exuberant 1980’s.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.54.43

Based in Margate, Kent, Junk Deluxe focuses on affordable modern design. Specialising in furniture and lighting, they stock items from the modernist 1930’s, right up to the exuberant, quality conscious 1980s, and anywhere excellent in between

Junk Deluxe is deeply hidden within another shop, on a residential street, so it’s best to come prepared with a map. Upon finding the shop, customers are usually surprised to discover a shop not filled with the usual mid century design clichés, but an array of unique and novel items that they have probably never seen before, and are unlikely to see again.

Benjamin and Hayley spend long hours sourcing their diverse items from far and wide, taking regular buying trips to scour the Continental lowlands, especially Belgium, Germany, and Holland. They also purchase stock from a variety of sources in the UK such as schools, churches, hospitals, and engineering plants. They work hard to stay ahead of trends, meaning they can satisfy all of your vintage whims at the best possible price.

Junk Deluxe – the whole spectrum of affordable modern design, from the modernist 1930’s to the exuberant 1980’s..

RG Scott Furniture Mart Margate: An Emporium of everything Antique, Old Fashioned and Unusual. A Restorers Heaven.

RG Scott was established in 1969, and moved to The Ice Works in 1979.
A family business, open to trade and public alike, our store has 3 floors, 2 yards and warehouse upon warehouse of overspill stock.
Stocking furniture, architectural salvage and every bygone that the mind could imagine.

Suppliers to TV, Theatre, Films, interior designers, and everything to refit pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops, etc, in the old style. We buy from many different sources, at home and abroad, i.e. schools, churches, private estates, pubs, etc, in fact anywhere we can find interesting goods. We directly export to Europe, USA, Asia, and New Zealand, so we are always looking for unusual goods.

We also stock an extensive range of new and reclaimed materials to restore your furniture, and always have restoration projects available such as chairs in need of upholstering, and boxes in need of polishing, so you can have a try yourself.

Click here to visit their website

Exterior seating and planting idea



A restaurant i passed in Hoxton London had made great use out of old railway sleepers, using them to make planters, tables and seating, now thats great recycling.


Exterior seating and planting idea IMG_0261

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