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Hand painted shop signage

This photo was sent to me by a very good friend who saw this butchers shop in Shrewsbury and loved the tag line hand painted onto the front of the building.

I love it to and just wish more stores would use the architecture of their buildings in a similar way instead of covering them with ugly plastic signs or banners.

Bring back the old crafts is what i say.




Hubbard’s Cupboard shop front – Cardiff

Love this shopfront for a great little vintage store in the Castle Arcade in Cardiff, the owner has added so many nice little features that helps it stand out from other stores by giving it a personal hand-made feel which compliments the vintage products its selling.

Shorditch Junk

Two things i love about this junk shop apart from the junk that is.

1 – love the font used for their signage

2 – love the way they have created a picture frame around their window

The rest needs attention!!!!


Shoreditch Junk

Vintage Signs & Shop Letters

Have just found this great blog on WordPress which is dedicated to old shop signs & letters.

Here are a few pics to wet your appetite, the blog link is listed at the end.

To read this blog and see more amazing signs click the link below.

Vintage Signs & Shop Letters.

O.Live – Capetown

Walk into and it feels like a magpie has collected all the bits and pieces – all the lovely sparkly and curious things – that have taken its fancy. In fact you might even see a magpie (albeit a very still one), as owner Rupert Smith came back from his recent trip to Europe smitten with taxidermy. The trip so excited him that he had to redesign the shop, which now resembles a Parisian interior. A window dresser, Rupert lives out his creativity in the shop, where he isn’t beholden to a client brief. Once inside the shop it’s hard to leave without something, whether a ball of twine and some scissors, a wooden coat hanger, a circular mirror or a star-shaped candle holder. It all depends on what Rupert has put there for you to discover.

Words: Gill Cullinan Photographs: Henrique Wilding chemistry of living
Shop no 2 Buitenkloof Studios, 8 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town; 021 426 5773

Hostem Redchurch St London

There is an immediate sense of something more informed, of something executed with a little more élan, as you step through the doors of Hostem,

a new men’s establishment in the heart of London’s East End. This enclave on Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street, is quietly assured and unique to the last.

Low on high theatrics and high on the almost antique ideal that service should be attentive and intelligent,

it is devoid of shock-and-awe pop-ups and ‘concepts’ and is instead focused on catering to a considered,

fashion-literate gentleman who demands a sense of depth and variety in his retail experience.

Executed with flair and wit by interior design duo JAMESPLUMB, Hostem showcases their mastery of restored materials,

from the church pew that doubles as a front desk to the floorboards and hand-painted hessian walls.

Three individual rooms, devoted to luxe streetwear, avant garde design and an ever evolving space for visiting designers will,

respectively, showcase a world of talent from this menswear hub.

Click here to visit their website


Click here to be taken to their website

La Petit Bonheur La Chance

Whilst flicking through one of my favourite home magazines I saw an article on celebrities favourite stores around the world.Priscilla Carluccio recommended Au Petit Bonheur La Chance  which is an amazing little kitchen store crammed full of vintage treasures.  And as Priscilla says “its definitely not designed, but is evocative of how stores used to be”. Having goggled it and found lots of fab photos I have to agree. The translation of the name simply means happy accident or serendipity.

This will definitely be on my must see list for my next Paris trip.

Heres a selection of photos and a map of where to find the store.

Click the map to be taken to Google Maps

Recycled Home by Mark and Sally Bailey

I love this book by Mark and Sally Bailey the founders of the amazing Bailey’s house and garden store

“The book begins with the elements of the bailey’s style; including tones and textures, furniture and storage, walls and floors, lighting, display and textiles. A section on rooms covers the kitchen, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and home office, showing how well the recycled look can work throughout the home.”

To buy this book click here

Loft Design By

Loft  Design By has opened its first Uk store in Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill.

Patrick Freche the designer has chosen to embrace the natural structure of the store. He has created a modern clean store with a vintage twist, cleverly mixing the old and the new to create an open store that feels warm and cosy yet light and bright.

The store sells a range of Women’s and Men’s clothing and accessories with a hint of home thrown into the mix.

These simple clip frames look great with masking tape around the edges.
A simple and cost-effective way to show graphics.

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