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Pilots Bar and Kitchen – Heathrow Terminal 5

As well as upgrading the shopping BAA have also opened a few new eateries including this bar and kitchen pub called Pilots which takes its interior design inspiration from guess what?


Here are a few more  photos

Multnomah Whisky Library – Portland Oregon

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The Multnomah Whiskey Library is open to the people and community of Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. The Library offers an unrivaled selection of whiskey and other fine distilled spirits, beers, and wines as well as accompanying cuisine. Tableside Cocktail Service is a specialty of The Library, as are tastings, pairing dinners,
and other educational events.

Photographs by Dina Avila Photography

The Modern Pantry – Clerkenwell – London

Modern comes from the Latin term modernus; pertaining to, or characteristic of the current period. It conjures up the excitement of something new, fresh and original.

Pantry comes from the Latin word panis, meaning bread. A pantry is a cupboard or room which houses the necessities of life…

Together, these two words embody The Modern Pantry’s philosophy: the desire to please and excite the palate by fusing everyday cooking with modern ingredients. And the interior design isn’t half bad either.

47-48 St John’s Square   .   Clerkenwell   .   London   .   EC1V 4JJ 020 7553 9210

Click here to visit their website

The Cool Hunter – Restaurant Farma Kreaton – Komotini, Greece

Restaurant Farma Kreaton (Meat Farm in Greek)is the recently opened addition to the well publicized Fabrica Kreaton restaurantlocated in the center of the city of Komotini, (Adrianoupoleos 4) in northeastern Greece.

The architecture and interior design of both spaces are by Minas Kosmidis (Μηνάς Κοσμίδης) with offices in Thessaloniki and Komotini.

In the case of Farma Kreaton, graphic designer Yiannis Tokalatsidis created the minimalist, hand-drawn graphics and cut-outs of cows, chickens and the scenery of the countryside that set the whimsical barn-yard chic tone to the entire space.

The 270 square-meter (almost 3,000 square- feet), 150 seat new restaurant is in essence an additional open-concept eating area to the existing Fabrica Kreaton that, in turn, is themed around a Greek butcher shop. Both are housed in a renovated 1950s farm house with a large yard.

In Farma Kreaton, in addition to the graphic components, we were attracted to the lovely, white-painted wood floors and the overall feel of a temporary barn-raising supper.

The simple plank tables, the mismatched, unpretentious chairs, the humble potted plants and herbs on the tables, all exude a feel of a space dedicated — just for the moment — to sumptuous eating and enjoyment of good company.

The hay bales, pick forks, watering cans and cut-out animals remind the diners of the work done and to-be done on the farm, the dinner beings just a moment of celebration — perhaps of a good hay harvest or a successful calving.

In short, Minas Kosmidis and his team have managed to create a believable semblance of a working farm without going overboard and ending up with a contrived, pretentious “concept” instead.

The food at Farma Kreaton is typical Greek meat-based plates, and the diners are predominantly locals. Tuija Seipell.

The Cool Hunter – Restaurant Farma Kreaton – Komotini, Greece.

Mitchell – St Andrews

Love the interior design of this fab restaurant and deli in St Andrews Scotland.
The attention to detail is superb with a feast of ideas to see.

























Click here to visit their website

Visit them at
110 – 112 Market Street
St Andrews
KY16 2PB

Mister Close by Russell & George – Frame Magazine – The Great Indoors








Mister Close by Russell & George – Frame Magazine – The Great Indoors.

The Folly – London

I had a meeting in the City of London last week and popped to have a look at what House of Fraser were doing in their windows, which was pretty disappointing actually. But I happened upon a new restaurant called The Folly. Well its fairly new its been open a year. The theme for this restaurant is the great out doors hence the name. The designers have created a really great space, its very relaxed and full of interesting design items.

I don’t know what the foods like as I havnt eaten their yet but the design is fab and I definitely want to go back to try it.

Here are a selection of photos so take a look.

Click here to visit their website

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