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David Jones Christmas Scheme [Australia]

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David Jones Christmas Displays 2015

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Selfridges Christmas Windows London 2015

Christmas at Selfridges has launched and with it, our famous windows. This year, each window takes on a star sign. Can you spot yours?

Words and photos by Selfridges

The Once Upon A Harrods Christmas Windows 2015

One of our favourite things about Christmas at Harrods are… The spectacular festive windows. So without further ado, it gives us great pleasure to present our Once Upon A Christmas windows to you…

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Words and photos Harrods

Anthropologie USA Christmas Windows 2015

While we certainly festoon our windows every season, we’re whipping up something extra delightful just for the holidays. If you’re big on gingerbread, royal icing and pearls of sugar snow, follow us down to Gumdrop Lane, where everything—and we mean everything—looks good enough to eat.

With a recipe calling for the sweet-treats above (plus a well-placed piece of cardboard or two), our visual display teams have created crumble-crumb villages in stores far and wide. Their delicate confection-work feeds the imagination, so be sure to take a stroll amidst the frosting here and then peek behind the scenes at our magic-makers in action at

Words and photos Anthropologie

Q&A: Harvey Nichols head of display Janet Wardley on the importance of Christmas windows – Retail Design World



Harvey Nichols head of display Janet Wardley explains how the retailer’s new Christmas windows were developed.

How did you establish the theme for this year’s Christmas windows? Was there a particular inspiration?

“We start planning our Christmas windows a year in advance and work cohesively with key stakeholders in the business to ensure the Harvey Nichols Christmas message is transferrable across our platforms.

“This season the campaign was ‘Avoid #GiftFace, Give Harvey Nichols’; from a creative point of view our task was to make the campaign instantly recognisable from the outside in,  with a fearlessly stylish twist of course. You will notice that in each of the window displays, an oversized face has been artfully crafted from various sized gift boxes, which intricately links to the campaign #GiftFace, while in store the #GiftFace campaign images and frames are used throughout the visual displays.

“We also look to the catwalks for inspiration. Following the shows and a debrief with the buyers, it was clear the main trend for Autumn/Winter 15 was Studio 54, which we felt worked perfectly for the festive season. The windows echo this trend with the use of glitter balls, sequins and the vibrant colour scheme.”

Do you feel a pressure every year to meet your customer’s expectations?

“The Harvey Nichols windows are world renowned, so yes there is a certain amount of pressure there. Although the schemes aren’t traditional and often challenge Christmas ideals, that’s part of our brand. Harvey Nichols is a trailblazer, we are daring and happy to exhibit our sense of humour. The important factor with Christmas windows is to ensure the displays resonate with our customers and tourists alike.”

In terms of the overall trading year, how important are the Christmas windows? Does having an international customer base mean that other calendar events play an equally big role?

“Our Christmas windows pull in tourists from far and wide. They are the first thing they see, so they’re hugely important for attracting business.  Customers need to feel like they are immersed in the Harvey Nichols Christmas experience, from the minute they see the windows to walking through the door and departments. The Christmas theme is carried throughout all aspects of the Harvey Nichols brand, whether customers are shopping with us in-store or online. It’s also the only time of year that the window scheme is replicated in our regional stores at the same time as our Knightsbridge flagship.

“The windows are designed and crafted by the Harvey Nichols in-house visual display team. Everything from the drawings, props and build is completed by my team. The final build takes about a month to install across all our sites, but is a year in the planning.”

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Source: Q&A: Harvey Nichols head of display Janet Wardley on the importance of Christmas windows – Retail Design World

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2014

Bergdorf Goodman in New York decided to base each window on a major art form, drawing equally from the fine arts, performing arts and applied arts. For its main windows, the retailer settled on literature, architecture, theatre, painting, music, dance, sculpture and film. Each window is designed independently from the others but the entire set of windows constitutes a sort of eight-lesson course in art appreciation. Windows photographed by Ricky Zehavi.


Words and photos by Retail Focus Magazine

Barney’s New York Holiday Windows 2014

They don’t call it BAZ DAZZLED for nothing. At last week’s unveiling of the holiday windows, Madison Avenue transformed into an otherworldly sensory experience, a stunning wonderland of woodland creatures, ice dancers, naughty elves, larger-than-life sets, and beats from our melodic obsession of the moment, Pentatonix. For the wizards behind the curtain—that would be Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, and Barneys’ own Dennis Freedman—the motivation was always to delight, inspire, and surprise. “You want people to see things in a way they’ve never seen them before,” said Freedman. Mission accomplished.

Until the new year, the fantastical displays will feature both live performances and mechanical masterworks, in the form of hypnotizing spiral snowflakes by artist Anthony Howe and Chris Cole’s larger-than-life gilded owl flapping its wings. While the above video about the making of the windows and montages below certainly give a snapshot into the groundbreaking vision and the intricacies of the scenes’ creation, making a trip to 61st and Madison to see them for yourself is a necessity this holiday season. A detailed schedule of performances to plan your visit follows. Prepare to be…well…dazzled.

A magical corner of Central Park is the mythical setting for the first window, which depicts a forest of 9-foot chromed mushrooms in a rainbow of colors. Elphresh the elf contorts and dances in and around his 14-foot-wide gold and bejeweled boom box, in pursuit of his impossible love, Elfemeral. 10733980_10152841959774244_6609209961328309523_n

The Spirits of the Snow star in this window, realized by Washington-based artist Anthony Howe and voiced by Pentatonix. These handmade kinetic sculptures, previously only seen as outdoor wind machines, come to life within the window—the first time Howe’s work has been shown in an interior space. The movement of these spirited characters is entirely generated by wind machines, which sets them into mesmerizing motion.


Artist and sculptor Chris Cole has created an 8-foot-tall, 6-foot-wide steampunk talking owl which gravely speaks his words of wisdom, scored to Pentatonix’s version of Madonna’s “Holiday.”


Celestina the ice princess, imprisoned for eternity in her ice cave in our mythical tale, skates forlornly in the last window while dreaming of freedom.


Words and photos by Barneys new York

Anthropologie USA Holiday Windows 2014

Our stores have played host to a menagerie of critters over the years, but none quite so festive as our new feathered friends. And, much like us, they’ve been readying their roosts for all manner of merriment. “Even our tiniest gold finches have grand plans,” says Erika L, our display director and all-around holiday magic-maker. “There are loved ones coming to visit, carols to be sung, and, of course, snuggling together through cold winter storms.” They are busy little (and big!) birdies, indeed, but you can catch them soaring to and fro in all our windows—along with their fantastically decorated holiday nests—as a reminder that this time of year, coming home is as splendid as it gets.


P.S. if you snap a photo of the flock at your local Anthropologie, post and share it on Instagram with the tag #AnthroWindows.


Words and photos by Anthropologie

VV Rouleaux – Marylebone High Street- All wrapped up for Christmas

V V Rouleaux is All Dressed Up and Ready for Christmas!!

Covered in Welsh Mountain and Charollais Sheep fleece from The Lake District Cumbria, our Marylebone Lane store is full of Festiveness both inside and out!!


Words and photos by VV Rouleaux

Visit their website at

Selfridges Christmas windows 20104 – Destination Christmas

Once upon a time there was a shop named Selfridges, with the most enchanted windows in the land… see our Oxford Street windows first, as we welcome you to #DestinationChristmas


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