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Penarth Pier Pavilion Open Day Poster

Love this vintage inspired poster, the typefaces are beautiful and is bang on trend of hankering back to yesteryear.


Hanging signage

Love this hanging signage on a store in Shorditch, back in the good old days or retailing every store would have a 3d hanging sign made to represent what the store or business was selling.

Bring the good old days of retailing back i say.


Type shop signage

Shorditch Junk

Two things i love about this junk shop apart from the junk that is.

1 – love the font used for their signage

2 – love the way they have created a picture frame around their window

The rest needs attention!!!!


Shoreditch Junk


I love this pop-up A to Z book: Its in a minimalist format and almost every letter has a three-dimensional aspect, the exceptions are O,P,Q and R which use a transparent page to turn the letters from one to another. V creates a W using a whole page of mirror foil. Everything else pops up or slides left to right with the letter S having two circles that revolve as the spread is opened.

The type is loosely based on Futura presented in black, red and white on black and white spreads.

Click here to buy this book

I love Typography

Fab blog for the lovers of fonts, typefaces and all things typographical.

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A Visual History of Typeface and Graphic Styles by Tachen

This book is a must have for anyone who like me has a fetish for font and typeface.

When you buy this book you also get a key card that gives you entry to the Tachen website

where you can down load hundreds of pages from the book.

Click here to be taken to the Tachen website

Click here to buy it on Amazon

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