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Conran – Merchandising standards

I popped into the Conran store the other week on one of my whistle stop visits to London, their merchandising standards are superb, i know i have probably gone on about them before but they are.


These are great examples of how to merchandise a table using blocking, height and story telling. Notice the pricing and graphic blocks neatly tucked into the corner of the table.


Heres another more relaxed example, baking and eating.



Visit their website by clicking here

Conran – Fulham – May 2013

Conran has gone colour crazy this month.

Its celebrating Chelsea flower show with a feast of colourful products and displays.

Stores dress themselves up to celebrate Chelsea flower show 2013.

It was so lovely to see so many stores in Fulham and Kings road celebrating Chelsea flower show by creating fabulous floral windows and amazing exterior displays.

I wish it was Chelsea flower shop every week if it means store will look this good.

Conran – Marylebone High St – London

I had a walk down Marylebone High Street last week and I have to say the place is brimming with great windows and some fabulous new stores. So all this week my posts are going to be showing you some of my favourites.

We start with The Conran Shop, which never disappoints. Their windows showcase a number of room settings framed within a simple black frames; Allowing the product to shine.

Vintage books have been used throughout the store in various ways to visually enhance products.

I love this company they are so inventive, creating simple, clever visual displays yet never overpowering the products.

Click here to visit their website

A couple of Christmas ideas

Here are some Christmas ideas I saw yesterday whilst out and about.

I saw this Christmas decs display in Dalesford Organics, I loved the way they have used brown paper bags to hold the secs.




Love these high level displays in The Conran Shop it’s a clever use of crates and boxes and really shows off the products.




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